"Kay Weber as Irene specifically, drew you in with their deep love, desperation, and honesty as Irene must navigate the impossible."

-Max Berry Onstage Blog

".... it was Katherine Weber's interpretation of Mother Marie that was most compelling. Weber possesses a formidable instrument, with a highly melodious but penetrating timbre. Distinctive and disarming, her voice reinforced the steadfast yet decidedly enigmatic nature of Mother Marie, who insists that the sisters take the vow of martyrdom."

-Daniel J. Kushner  Rochester City Newspaper


"But it is Katherine Weber as Betty Rizzo that authentically landed in the period and the style. Her sarcastic delivery and mock bravado made the audience eager for her “tear your heart out” interpretation of the torchy “There Are Worse Things I Could Do.”"

- David Lowenstein


"The always bad girl, Betty Rizzo (Katherine Weber) ranks as a kind of second lead, not quite a bully but setting a note of snarling intimidation. Forster and Weber lead the character over the longest arc of anyone in the show. " 


- James MacKillop Syracuse New Times